Mapping and Stories

A kiosk-on-wheels invites Over-the-Rhine people to meet and get to know each other through mapping and swapping stories about their important places in the neighborhood – signaling the value of their places by literally putting them on the map.

If YOU were to take people on a guided walk to the ONE place in Over-the-Rhine that is most important to you, where would you take them?

Art Academy

Holtman’s Donuts

Cutter Playground (a.k.a. Anarchy Field) – Tanner, a young guy who lived in the neighborhood, moved out when the beer pedal wagon came in. He couldn’t stand seeing his neighborhood turn into a tourist Disneyland. So, he left while he still loved the place. Tanner’s the one that named Cutter Park Anarchy Field. I guess he wanted to rebel against what he saw as a neighborhood takeover.

Washington Park

Magnolia Street

Findlay Market

Klotter Ave. – It’s so far north in the neighborhood hardly anyone knows about it, that’s why I want to take people there.

Drop Inn Center – a homeless shelter, being moved out of the neighborhood by the same corporate- and government-funded “non-profit” developer behind most of the upscale development in Over-the-Rhine.

Imperial Theater – They used to have all kinds of shows there. They used to have burlesque…!

Where have you NEVER been in Over-the-Rhine?

YMCA, the jazz club, Pendleton Arts Center, School for Creative & Performing Arts, the underground brewery, 12th and Vine…

Two longtime residents, one who lived here his whole life, the other who’s been in OTR since ‘87, both placed their pins off the map. Because there was not a single spot ON the map of Over-the-Rhine where they had not been. They knew every street, every alley, like a person knows his own body.