People Moving

“Our resilient community, even in the pain of ongoing brokenness, finds the spirit to continue to disrupt the status quo of injustice. 

This artwork is our cry to be seen.”         

—Bonnie Neumeier, longtime Over-the-Rhine resident activist

People Moving is a challenge to see those rendered unseen in re-developed urban centers. People Moving is designed to open eyes and disrupt perceptions.

In 2022, Storefronts community artists were invited into the Contemporary Arts Center’s show titled Artist Run Spaces. We collaborated with longtime activists, Peaslee Neighborhood Center, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, the Public Library, and Miami University faculty and students to produce this multi-media art installation.

People Moving is not intended as a historical display of a static set of stories and objects. Drawing on fifty+ years of material from the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement archive, this is an artistic engagement with a unique and rich local history that connects the public to a significant past, while also inviting them to join our ongoing work to save our homes, pools, schools, recreation and green spaces, safer streets, by claiming a voice in the development of our city’s neighborhoods.