____ IS A WOMEN’S ISSUE! launched as a participatory poster project to support the Women’s March on Washington, along with the sister march in Cincinnati, January 2017.

The hand-drawn, digitally finished poster was designed with the intention that each femme-identifying marcher and ally could use it to amplify what they personally care about. Marchers filled in the blank with issues that felt pressing to them, the challenge for many being which issue to choose!

Incredibly—given how many marchers there were, especially in DC—as each participant entered the march, these brightly colored posters dotted the crowd, creating a visual litany of diverse issues and voices, making it clear: Women’s issues are everybody’s issues!!

The project’s usefulness did not end there. As rallies and protests continued winter into spring, the suitcase full of posters made its way to gatherings all over Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH, Northern KY, Columbus, and Louisville.

A scroll through ____ IS A WOMEN’S ISSUE! on FB and Instagram shows the many faces of people who put feet to pavement, and marker to over-sized rainbow-colored paper, to amplify their voices with this simple poster platform.