As My Neighbor Moves

VIDEO of live performance HERE


As I move, my neighbor moves. As my neighbor moves, I move.

On the evening of July 28, 2018, thirteen groups of Northside neighbors were joined by Pones dancers to perform Participation and Connection, ideas that Northsiders say are central to the joyous and wonderful, challenging and imperfect work of living in a changing community.

Residents of Delaney, Cherry, Dane, Pullan, and Lingo streets; The Gantry Apartments; Knowlton Place Retirement Community; and members of CAIN (Churches Active in Northside), Happen Inc., Groundwork Cincinnati, The Hive, Northside Community Council, Visionaries & Voices, used hand-torn and knotted fabric strands, re-purposed from clothing, linens, and other remnants that they de-constructed and re-made, to connect within and across groups as they moved from each of their places, through Northside streets, into Hoffner Park, and on to PAR Projects art space.

As My Neighbor Moves video